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"It was my familiar village but utterly transformed. With a single misstep down an unnaturally shadowed corridor I had stumbled from my home into the realm of death and despair; the Shadowfell." ― Bardum Khinin, Rimtonan Explorer

The Shadowfell, also known as the Plane of Shadow, is one of the Sisters of Artio. It is the dark shadow of Artio and is the place where all souls from Artio must pass to reach their afterlife. Other names for this plane included Shadowland and simply Shadow. It is ruled by The Raven Queen.

It existed as sort of counterpart to the Feywild, in the sense that it was a reflection, or "Sister", of Artio. Unlike the Feywild, it was a bleak, desolate place full of decay and death.


Despite being a reflection of Artio the Shadowfell had a number of distinct locations unique to that dark plane.

Dead Wood

The Dead Wood is the largest forest in the Shadowfell. It is home to the Corpsecrackle Hag Coven.


Evernight is a city where the undead and the Shadar-Kai servants of the Raven Queen exist side by side, if not always peacefully. It is the reflection of the Artio city Thorea City.

Fortress of Memories

The Fortress of Memories is the seat of power of the Raven Queen. It holds the Hall of Judgement and is surrounded by the Fungal Gardens of Vamaris.