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The God-Slaying Spear, also known as the Black and White Spear and the Lance of Deicide, is an artefact of terrible power. It was created by Ronash Ildol using the Book of Vile Darkness to destroy the Chained God.



When the Emerald Lily Pad defeated Ajerius the Aspirant and disrupted his attempt to free the Chained God Tharidzun their ally, Ronash Ildol, sacrificed his life and soul to create the spear from the souls of the angel Ambriel and the devil Haerel the Uncompromising. It was wielded by Gaston Godslayer and thrown into the Chained One's demiplane prison. It was believed lost or destroyed with the Chained One.


At some point over the next month the Spear reemerged, presumably raining down onto the multiverse along with the Divine Sparks. It was found by Ybris the Prophet. Ybris attempted to use the Spear against the Lily Pad in the Massacre of Duty's Reward while disguised as The Two Hundred Year King. Unfortunately for Ybris the pieces of Haerel the Uncompromising's soul bound to Cayden Haerel and the Haerel Moonblade he wielded coalesced into a fully reformed Haerel the Uncompromising in the presence of the Spear. Haerel seized the spear for his own and was allowed to keep it by the Lily Pad in exchange for removing the piece of his soul corrupting the Moonblade and an agreement to leave the Lily Pad in peace.

In the hands of the Chain-Maker

Haerel returned to the Iron City and the service of Dispater. He used the Spear to break the siege on the city and lead a diabolic incursion into the occupied layers of the Nine Hells and into the Abyss itself. The war went extremely well for the devils, but the Abyss' changeable and hostile nature proved too much for the armies of Dis. The Abyss was abandoned but Haerel led frequent punitive raids into the Abyss, slaying the Demon Princes Zuggtmoy and Pazuzu. Haerel took so many demon slaves during these raids he became known as "Chain-Maker" by the inhabitants of the Iron City.

During this time the Spear bonded with Haerel, creating a form of armour that makes him immune to magic.

Limitations Revealed

During the Lily Pad's misadventure in the Iron City Haerel was ordered by Dis to destroy the party. He was temporarily distracted from that task by an attack on the city by the Celestial Triumvirate but soon returned to pursuing the party through the war torn streets. The Lily Pad managed to barely escape the blows of the Spear but Haerel finally managed to swing the Spear directly at Ser Spawnsworth. However he was prevented from striking the bullywug by a parry from Ventus wielding Verum. The anti-magic blade deflected the Spear without being destroyed, showing that the weapon wasn't all-powerful.

Moments the Spear was once again deflected by the blades of Justice On The Wings Of Fury and Haerel was blasted away by the Solar's radiant magic.

The weapon hasn't been seen by the Lily Pad since Haerel was defeated by Justice.


The God-Slaying Spear has had three known wielders:

  • Gaston Godslayer
  • Ybris the Prophet
  • Haerel the Uncompromising (Current)