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LadyLuctus LadyLuctus 27 March 2019

Session 44: 25th March 2019

12th of Evaar

  • Fighting happens.
  • Everyone aside from Cayden is charmed by a goblin dressed as a jester, and the others stop being hostile towards the party. We consider Nilbog to be our god and Spawnsworth says he is his best friend. Alethra hears Justice calling her name but he sounds far away, as if being blocked by something.
  • Nilbog starts writhing and the decapitated elven head on his staff invites us to go inside the keep. He has 4 Eladrin with him; one for each season.
  • Inside the keep is a 4ft tall goblin with one gold eye and one green. His name is Ja’far and he appears to be very young. He is singing about how great the Emerald Lily Pad are and seems excited to see the group.
  • Inside the grounds of the keep are wooden huts. The iron tower in the cen…

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LadyLuctus LadyLuctus 19 March 2019

Session 43: 18th March 2019

8th of Evaar

  • 7am; Ventus and Alethra are hungover when Spawnsworth arrives to collect everyone for the quest to take the keep.
  • Spawnsworth’ has brought a lot of people but none will be able to fight; builders and other helpers. 3 wagons (1 is building and camp supplies, 1 for builders, 1 for the party)
  • The Proprietor and Accountant friend are coming along for the trip; his name is Voron Yllwreak (gnomish name.)
  • Rihiri gets the sense someone is watching us when we pass through the forest outside of Southreach .
  • 6pm when we reach the People’s Shield. We go to The Familiar Fork inn. It used to be a house and now sells drinks. Small and “down-market”, as higher end clientele eat and drink at the People’s Shield itself.
  • Furbolg mercenary; Pernelis from the Moon …

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