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Welcome to the Artio Wikia! A database for the 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons adventures undertaken by The Knights of the Emerald Lily Pad. Artio and its lore was dreamed up by our illustrious Dungeon Master, Jack Duncan.

Player Characters Emerald Lily Pad Alethra • Blade • Cayden • GastonJa'farRihiri • Ventus • Voice
Team Raven Queen LireesaGothalQuirielSymmaWalker
Non-Player Characters Allies AmaterasuIllonorJusticeLily • Nicholas • QuilmereRonashSpawnsworth
Antagonists DispaterHaerel
Unaligned Lady LireesaSlip
Deities Ascended BahamutCorellonGruumsh • HelmMoradin • The Raven QueenTorm
Fallen AsmodeusLolthTyr
Organisations Celestial TriumvirateEmerald Lily PadLunar AcademyRaven GuardScaletakersTeam Raven Queen
Locations Continents BituDaereanEocakea
Nations ConfederationCorsairLast Solar KingdomRimtonasThoreaUquitiaWeximore
Planes ArtioFeywildShadowfell
Loot Divinity Divine Sparks
Artefacts God-Slaying SpearVerum